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“Best people that I have ever dealt with. Made the process super easy and very straight forward. Had no problems what so ever. Wish I would’ve came to these guys first. Very respectful, very professional, and always working on your side. Never had to hassle, or try to bargain. By far the best, and would recommend to anyone and everyone!” -Scott

About Us…

We’re a family-owned business, initiated right here in San Antonio and although we’ve grown, we remain focused on helping homeowners like you find solutions for problems.

Here at Helping Hand Home Buyers, we want you to choose from options, not feel like you’re out of solutions. When facing Foreclosure, owning an unwanted property, probate or anything else. We focus on providing you with 2-3 options so you can continue on with life. We have years of experience, and have seen pretty much everything. Once you contact us, you’ll know you’re in good hands. With your best interest in mind, we create a plan together. We buy fast, we close fast. The best part? Our integrity and customer service remain our top priorities.

We Take The Load Off Homeowners

You are never out of options for selling your home. Whether you come to us right away, or after trying a few different things – we are here to help. Each situation is different, which is why we customize each client’s process. We have taken the process of selling a house and made it easier, even when liens or repairs are keeping the property values down. We always try to make the best offer for you. If you have

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