It Is Easier Than You Think To Sell A House During Divorce

Divorce happens to about 50% of marriages. Many of these situations end up with assets being split in half. How do you split a house? Sometimes, a judge will order the sell of real property and for the divorcees to split the property. If you’re going through a divorce and want to sell your house fast, you’re not alone. Thousands of people in Texas have sold divorce properties to investors over real estate agents because selling with an agent is never certain, and can sometimes take up to 10 months. Contact us today for a breakdown of all your options when selling a house in Texas!

Video Transcription

Andrew Johnson: Hello there. Andrew Johnson with Helping Hand Home Buyers, here in San Antonio, Texas, where we’re buying houses still currently, during the coronavirus, during the quarantine, maintaining social distancing.

This property I’m standing in front of was a divorcing couple. They actually had their property on the retail market, and they were unable to sell it for a few different reasons. So, they found our website at; they put in the form. The next day, we came out here, and I made an offer for them. They said they were going to speak with some other investors. Of course, I said, “That’s fine. Do your due diligence. Do your work,” and ended up having not the highest, but the second highest offer. But because we’re BBB A+ rated and five-star reviewed all over the internet, of course they trusted us. Every single customer that in fact can vouch for our follow through, and this couple actually experienced it firsthand.

After we got the property under contract, about a week into it, the coronavirus started hitting very hard, and actually San Antonio was shut down. San Antonio went on quarantine, and big buyers, big property buyers, house buyers, specifically Zillow and three other big ones, actually backed out of all their contracts. This was very common, and it left, unfortunately, a bunch of people stranded.

So, this couple was afraid, of course, that that was going to happen to them. All they wanted to do was sell their house. Going through a divorce, wanted it to sell fast. So, we kept our word. It was very tempting to drop the contract because we didn’t know what was going to happen. But we followed through, we kept our word, and we really made this couple happy.

We didn’t renegotiate the price. We didn’t haggle them. We didn’t hassle them after coronavirus came. We followed through with exactly what we said we were going to do, and we can help you as well. If you sat back today and you thought, “Dang, I’m going through a divorce, how do I sell my house fast?” go to Google, search our name, Helping Hand Home Buyers. You’ll find our five-star reviews everywhere, and give us a call today: 210-247-2244. Or you can go directly to our website at

Thank you. I hope you have a great day.

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